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A Passion for Innovation

Welcome to the one of the most technologically advanced R&D laboratories in Central Europe.


Our ACCOUSTIC LABORATORY comprises two reverberation chambers.

Our Acoustic Laboratory carries out a range of tests:

  • The measurment of noise insulation of building structures both in laboratory and on site, in compliance with both Polish and international standards: verification and occupancy-permit measurements (partition walls, ceilings, windows, doors)
  • Measuring of noise-proofness of products, sections and parts of buildings (glazing, vents, small openings, sealing, etc.)
  • Measuring of physical and acoustical parameters of building sound-insulation and sound-absorbing products (sound absorptivity, dynamic rigidity, flexibility, compressibility, inserted attenuation of fan dampers)
  • Measuring of the  reverberation period and sound absorption in closed spaces
  • Measuring of the acousticoutput of machines and equipment (building machines, fans, etc.)
  • Measuring and calculation of the traffic noise
  • Measuring of emission and immission levels of the acoustical pressure
  • Environmental Acoustics.

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